Thursday, 6 April 2017

Help us create an Alpine Border

One of Lindengate's latest projects is creating an Alpine Garden . The design will feature lots of mini Alpine beds in containers, set within a larger alpine border. To realise this design we need many interesting containers, plus rocks and stones to go in the containers - we're particularly interested in slate
Here are some photographs from RHS Wisley of alpines planted in containers, to give you an idea what we're trying to do. If you have anything you think we could use, please call us on  01296 622443 or email Thank you!

Flower pots of gradually decreasing size planete with alpines
Alpines planted inbetween sheets of slate
Alpines planted in recycled teracotta pipes
Apines planted in old teraccotta pipes
Terracotta tiles, bricks and slate in wire cage

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